Legal notice

This website (henceforth: ‘the Website’) is operated by the Pannonsat Ltd. (Headquarters: 4. Római Street, Hévíz 8380, Tax number: 11532008220; Company registration number: 20 09 063452) in alignment with the Hungarian laws.

Read this website carefully, before using the Website. With using the Website, the user accepts the conditions of the Website, regardless whether he/she registered. If the user does not accept the conditions of the Website, he/she shall not use it.


The information available here were published in the most factual and the most comprehensible way. However, we reserve the rights to change the equipment, specification, models and further information and data without notification.

The Website includes third party references (links) that direct to websites that were created by independent website owners. The Website claims, that when the link was created, the above mentioned websites did not include offensive content. The owners of these independent websites are fully responsible for the content of the independent websites. Our company does not monitor these independent websites and has no responsibility and influence on these websites’ content. Hence, we exclude all responsibilities which is related to the change and modification of these independent websites after we published the link on the Website.

The conditions of using the Website

  1. Intellectual property rights

All content on the Website is the intellectual property of our company. The content of the Website is available for the user to read; however the copy and the reproduction of the Website’s content is strictly prohibited. The Website can be printed on paper for personal use, with the following conditions:

  • the Website’s documents, graphics, pictures, layouts and content shall not be edited;
  • the Website’s graphics, pictures and layouts shall not be used separatedly from the text; and
  • the copyright trademark data of the Pannonsat Ltd. is indicated on all copies.

Independently from the common nature of the conditions mentioned above, the Website can occasionally allow the download of wallpapers, cover images and other applications. The conditions mentioned above apply to these downloads.

The different use of the Website’s content is strictly prohibited. Detailed test and monitoring of the content was performed when creating the Website’s content. Nonetheless, our company recommends virus monitoring before the use of the content.

2. Links to the Website

If the user would like to create content that directs to the Website, the links shall direct to the homepage of the Website (

3. Accessibility of the Website

The Pannonsat Ltd. aims to provide the accessibility of the Website. However, the company does not take responsibility if the website becomes unavailable.

The accessibility of the Website can be suspended at any time, including maintenance, correction or server problems and for reasons outside of the monitoring authority of the company.

4. User data and behaviour

With the exception of the personal data, defined in the Privacy Policy of the Website, the provided information of the user (sent or published through links) is not considered confidential, the user does not reserve the ownership of these pieces of information. Pannonsat Ltd. is not responsible for this content and pieces of information. The Pannonsat Ltd. and the authorized person of the company can copy, disseminate, publish and use these pieces of information, images, voice recordings, texts, videos and other content for any purpose.

It is prohibited to publish, send and accept the following content on the Website:

  • content that is threatening, disparaging, obscene, inappropriate, offensive, incite unsatisfaction, discriminative, can be used for creating racial hate, pornographic, risking the protection of personal data, breaching the obligation of discretion and creates unsettling, uncomfortable feelings
  • content for which the user does not hold permission
  • content that performs or provokes behaviour that violates criminal law, and where civil responsibility can be held accountable, or any content that violates the laws
  • technical harmful content (including computer viruses, logical traps, Trojan horses, harmful components, incorrect data).

The abuse of the Website is strictly prohibited (including the hacking of the Website). Pannonsat Ltd. cooperates with the security authorities and with the authorities that request the user identity and the location of the violator of the conditions of point 4.

5. The accuracy of data

The information on the Website serve the interest of the customers of Pannonsat. Pannonsat Ltd. is not responsible for the accuracy and up-to-date state of the information on the Website. The company is not responsible for any demands, damages and loss that stems from the Website’s content.

The statements on the Website shall not be relied on, the company provides the content in the format of news articles, without any conditions and guarantee. Hence, Pannonsat Ltd. aligning with the law and regulations, excludes all the responsibilities, conditions and undertakings that are not included in this Legal Notice and could be applicable to the company.

6. Liability

The representatives, officers, employees exclude any responsibilities related to impairment or damage that includes the user or a third party (including data, contracts, goodwill, the loss of income, the usage or the loss of ability of using the Website, the links on the Website and the content of independent websites, loss caused by viruses). The following conditions do not exclude the responsibility of the Pannonsat Ltd.:

  • loss of life, related to the possible negligence of Pannonsat Ltd.
  • fraud or malicious deceit
  • the responsibility of the company that is required by laws and regulations.

7. Related rights and jurisdiction

In the resolution of disputes related to the Website, the Hungarian courts are the competent authorities and the dispute shall be resolved in alignment with the Hungarian laws.