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We use cookies to improve the performance of the website.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the user‘s computer (or phone, tablet) by the web browser. They collect information, remember the visitor’s personal settings and facilitate the website’s use for the user. Cookies do not collect the data stored on the computer or in files.

When visiting the website, the service provider sends one or more cookies to the user’s computer, that enables the individual identification of the user’s web browser.

This website uses two kinds of cookies:

1. Functional cookies, that enable the basic functions of the website

2. Performance cookies, that aim to improve the performance of the website and the visitor’s experience. For this, the website uses Google Analytics. These cookies do not limit the functions of the website and can be turned off by the user. These cookies are stored for 14 months in the user’s browser.

How can I delete or turn off cookies?

Every browser enables the customization of cookies.

Most browsers’ cookie settings can be customized in the browsers’ “Settings/Options”, and the “Help” function of the browsers provide further information about cookies.

Further information about the cookie settings of the most popular browsers is available on these links:

·  Firefox

·  Edge

·  Chrome

How can I withdraw consent?

If the user consented for the use of cookies the browser will store cookies on the user’s device. The consent for cookies has a time limit, but it can be withdrawn any time with deleting the cookies.


In case you have questions, remarks or issues with the website’s data policy contact us in email (

Further information

This page provides information about the website’s cookie policy.

Our company reserves the rights to change the cookie policy.

Our company does not monitor the provided personal information of the user.  The user is accountable for the given information. When providing the email address, the user consents that only the registered person will use the provided service of our website.

We inform our customers, that the investigation authority, the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority of Hungary, and other organizations that received a lawful authorization can seek information from the Pannonsat Kft.

Procedural rules

The data operator has 30 days for providing, deleting or correcting personal data. In case the data operator does not fulfill these requests of the concerned, the data operator is obliged to inform the concerned about the refusal in writing.

Data Protection Authority (of Hungary)

In case of complaint, contact the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority of Hungary:

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