VPorts launched its programme to establish Quebec’s AAM infrastructure

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The Quebec-based company, VPorts launched its AAM infrastructure programme last Tuesday.

The programme has two aims:

  1. To develop a Quebec-wide UAM infrastructure by 2030, and
  2. To extend this network to the US.

To create the first vertiport ecosystem in Quebec, VPorts has developed partnerships to implement the concept. Integration of air traffic management concepts is being developed by NUAIR, UAM Geomatics is in charge of cost and revenue forecasting, geospatial mapping and vertiport network location mapping in Quebec; Innovitech is supporting VPorts by developing a stakeholder management strategy focused on social acceptance; AEdifica is developing the architectural concept for the network.

“This initiative is in keeping with our ambition and vision to build and operate 1,500 vertiports around the world by 2045,” said Dr. Fethi Chebil.

According to a socio-economic impact study, VPorts’ AAM infrastructure network will generate CAD6.5 billion in economic benefits for Quebec by 2045.


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