TindAIR: Bringing Urban Air Mobility to Europe

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A new SESAR research programme called TindAIR plans very large scale (VLD) demonstrations with a focus on strategic deconfliction. The TindAIR (Tactical INstrumental Deconfliction And In-flight Resolution) is coordinated by Innov’ATM under the aegis of the SESAR Joint Undertaking and involves companies and research organisations in France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The TindAIR consortium will operate a series of demonstrations covering a range of representative and operational user cases and featuring a combination of manned and unmanned aircraft. Operational scenarios will address existing urban needs or compelling use cases, from medical emergency transport to a mix of freight and passenger flights, including extreme cases like sector saturation capacity and emergency landing. And all this using aircraft of various types and capacities with varying levels of automation, all sharing the same volume of airspace.

TindAIR’s large scale demonstrations of urban air mobility vehicles will help to develop UTM capabilities to handle the traffic, and show that UAM is feasible in an urban/suburban environment.

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