Delson Aeronautics wins $25,000 competition prize for low-noise drone propellers

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Delson Aeronautics, a Canadian firm at the forefront of creating “almost silent drone propellers” has just won a start-up competition boasting a prize of USD25,000.

After many submissions, just 14 finalists were selected and Delson gained the top spot, particularly when the company’s tender included recycling the UAV blades.

The patent-pending blade design method results in an average 10 dB sound reduction or 50 percent quieter relative to equivalently sized conventional UAV propeller blades.

With the manufacturing support from MCAM, Delson can research further these manufacturing methods and materials capabilities. The aim is to produce blades in select sizes for trialling on various UAV airframes, amounting to an extremely lightweight, low cost, scalable, and sustainable solution to manufacturing the Delson ultra-quiet propellers.



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