Brazil to prepare UTM framework by 2023

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There are 80,000 drones flying legally in Brazil today of which 35,000 conduct commercial operations said Roberto J S Honorato, Head of Airworthiness with the Brazilian regulator ANAC on day 5 of ICAO Drone Enable 2021. Visual line of sight (VLOS) flight authorisations below 120 meters are accessed free, in real-time, using the regulator’s SISANT registration portal. The government is designing a framework to enable beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations at scale as part of a wider Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) concept.

BVLOS operations are authorised on a case-by-case basis, with approximately 60 unmanned aircraft approved for regular BVLOS operations. Applications to fly BVLOS are made using DECEA’s SARPAS platform which sets strict limits on flights around airfields, critical infrastructure and over people. While the Brazilian landscape is uniquely suited to drone use, it also faces challenges. It is the fifth country worldwide in terms of helicopter usage, sharing the same low-level airspace as drones, and internet access is limited. Lucas Florêncio Queiróz de Oliveira, Co-Founder of AL Drones, believes that by establishing test zones, UTM concepts can be trialled and integrated.



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