Astra UTM, Everis and ITG launch urban UTM Hera Drone Hub test-bed in Spain

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Astra UTM has delivered a showcase of simultaneous drone flights being tracked in real-time at the launch of the HERA Drone Hub in the City of Zaragoza, Spain. The Drone Hub has trialled four drone operations monitored and managed with the Astra UTM system in urban segregated space – simulating an urban multi use-case scenario. The demonstration was coordinated by Everis through the Astra UTM platform, integrated with the AIRUS services of Everis and Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia.

The inauguration aims to establish Zaragoza as the first and the only city in Europe to authorize a space for testing, experimentation and training of drones in an urban environment with a strategic focus on the future of mobility and advanced aerial mobility.



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