“99% of respondents in favour of urban air mobility” – Wisk polls consumers

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According to California-based urban air mobility (UAM) company Wisk 99% of respondents to a recent study on consumer views of UAM found the use of an autonomous air taxi appealing, with 95 percent saying they are likely to try the service.

“The top five consumer expectations for air taxi features or benefits include: safe (68 percent), clean (57 percent), reliable (57 percent), quickly gets me from point A to B (“time-saving”) (56 percent), and environmentally friendly (54 percent),” says the company.

The study was conducted among consumers to determine sentiment around autonomous, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi services. Consumers outlined the top potential use cases for an air taxi, including:

  • Travelling out of town for work: 68%
  • Travelling around town for work: 60%
  • Commuting to/from work: 57%
  • Travelling out of town to meet friends: 54%
  • Travelling around town to meet friends: 45%
  • Making personal appointments or obligations: 40%
  • Running personal errands: 36%.

(Source: https://www.urbanairmobilitynews.com/public-consultation/99-of-respondents-in-favour-of-urban-air-mobility-wisk-polls-consumers/)


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