The importance of LiDAR Point Cloud and the RESEPI of Inertial Labs

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Commercial drones are extensively used for mapping and surveying. Although drones are very efficient for commercial uses, LiDAR payloads are critical for effective mapping and surveying operations.

The Remote Sensing Payload Instrument (RESEPI) of Inertial Labs is equipped with LiDAR scanner, inertial measurement unit, data logger, GNSS receiver and a camera to effectively support commercial drone operations. The LiDAR data enables drone operators to create detailed contour maps and 3D models of the landscape, including forests.

The company’s RESEPI can be used to aid construction projects by providing information, analysis, and aiding in creating simulations when developing a project. This information can be used to determine repair and maintenance requirements for every project. Besides, this drone-based LiDAR system can be used for utility inspections, making utility network inspections quicker and safer.

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