SESAR JU launches digital European Sky awards – U-space included

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The SESAR JU has announced the launch of the Digital European Sky Awards, which includes an award for U-space projects. According to the joint undertaking:

“The 2021 edition of the SESAR JU awards, aims to celebrate successful SESAR 2020 projects and achievements in the following five categories:

  • The SESAR Exploratory Research Awardrecognises projects that are challenging the ATM status quo and demonstrating the potential to significantly advance aviation performance.
  • The SESAR Industrial Research Awardrecognises projects which are able to demonstrate specific and measurable achievements, providing evidence that the innovation can be sustained and lead to industry best practice.
  • The SESAR Demonstration Awardrecognises projects which are showing excellence in technology or levels of service, with the potential to have a long-term positive influence on improving ATM performance.
  • The SESAR ATM Sustainability Awardrecognises projects recognises those working towards reducing aviation’s impact on the environment and making significant contributions to improving the environmental footprint of aviation through ATM.
  • The SESAR U-space Awardrecognises SESAR funded U-space research projects exhibiting tangible results towards the integration of drones into European airspace, contributing to the U-space vision of safe, efficient and secure access to airspace for large numbers of drones.

The results will be announced during a virtual awards ceremony on 17 June 2021.



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