Robotic Skies provides AI-enhanced predictive drone maintenance

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Robotic Skies has over 225 local service stations in 50 countries around the globe that provide maintenance services for drones.

The value of having a well-organized system supporting the care and maintenance of the drones cannot be understated. Once a drone suffers a catastrophic failure, the damage or injury to the drone, to property, or even people has already happened. The goal is to get ahead of this by understanding what needs to be replaced and when to avoid potentially costly and dangerous accidents.

This requires understanding how the system of the drone works and the development of a comprehensive maintenance schedule.

Robotic Skies has been doing just that for seven years, and each drone that comes into their system provides them with more data and understanding of the systems and their maintenance needs. In turn, they are using the data they collect to build out AI and machine learning algorithms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance pipeline.

The results provided by AI and machine learning will continue to feed the understanding of aircraft maintenance needs, points of failure, safety vulnerabilities, and more, which will not only help the drone operators keep their aircraft in the air but also build confidence in unmanned systems with regulatory bodies, insurance agencies, and the public.



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