New search and rescue drone locates survivors through mobile phones

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Revector has launched the Revector Detector Drone (RDD) – an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a mobile phone base station attached that can fly over hard-to-reach areas in the aftermath of natural disasters or accidents and locate survivors through their mobile phones.

RDD mimics a base station so mobile phones of victims connect to it, helping search and rescue teams quickly and effectively identify the location of injured or lost people and send rescuers to support them.

The drone is 5kg and monitor an area of 10 kilometres at high speed for up to 90 minutes and accurately identify a person (and their phone) that is lost or injured to within a 20-metre area.

The technology can be deployed by mountain rescue teams, police forces and even the military to support finding and rescuing people more quickly by identifying their exact location in advance of sending a rescue team.



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