How drones help children to learn maths

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Drones are used more and more for educational purposes. In this article we collected some examples how drones can make maths more interesting for children.

Drones teach primary school multiplication in England

Students at the Delamere Academy in Cheshire head out to the schools playing field and arrange themselves into different number formations. Then a drone takes photos of the students from above:

These pictures can assist students to better understand multiplication exercises and make maths a more enjoyable subject.

Geometry concepts are made easier with drones in Thailand

At the Thai-Chinese International School outside Bangkok, Thailand, teachers have been using drones creatively to help students understand and create distance-time graphs.

To understand how drones clarify geometry concepts watch:

Drones are used for pre-algebra lessons in Texas

A middle school teacher, Thom Gibson, uses drones to teach pre-algebra maths for his students in Austin, Texas.

Watch how he uses drones for teaching:

These are just some examples of how drones are used for education around the world. Drones are becoming a popular tool for education as they can help children to learn school subjects in a fun way.


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