Dufour Aerospace secures funding to accelerate hybrid eVTOL development

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Swiss-based company, Dufour Aerospace, announced yesterday it has secured further funding to take its hybrid eVTOL passenger aircraft into pre-production and certification. The round was led by start-up investor session.vc, together with existing financiers. The new funds are to be used towards the commercial launch of its hybrid eVTOL platform.

The eVTOL platform of Dufour Aerospace is based on proven tilt-wing technology, which gives the aircraft the ability to not only conduct a vertical take-off and landing, but also the ability to cruise more efficiently – a key feature of electric flight. Dufour Aerospace achieved recent success with its construction of a large-scale prototype eVTOL as well as the completion of a successful trial phase with more than 600 flights, including full transition from hover to cruise and back.

Based on this success, the company is currently developing the aEro3 passenger aircraft, a manned tilt-wing aircraft for medical transport and regional air mobility purposes.The aEro3 passenger aircraft has a hybrid range of 1,000 km and, with its versatile applications in urban airspace, it opens up enormous market potential and is currently unrivalled by other competitors. The next step is to build the prototype of the hybrid eVTOL passenger aircraft.

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