Drones help to protect endangered golden eagles in Utah, US

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An environment conserving nonprofit, Hawkwatch International, uses drones to protect the endangered golden eagles in Utah, US.

According to Hawkwatch International, approximately 50% of the golden eagle nestlings die in the first year of their life, and in this year mortality rate is even higher. Some estimate that the high mortality rate is due to the lack of food, others believe that many nestlings die because of collisions and human activity. However, conservationists have limited data on why so many golden eagle nestlings die.

Now Hawkwatch International and the US Army deploy drones to find and monitor golden eagle nestlings to better understand what causes their high mortality rate. Conservationists also place a small GPS backpack transmitter on the nestlings to support the monitoring of golden eagles. By understanding the reasons behind the outstandingly high mortality rate, conservationists will be able to protect golden eagle nestlings and potentially improve their survival rate.


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