Drone Tournament 2021 will be organised in Helsinki in October

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Ultrahack and RobotsExperts will organise Drone Tournament 2021 in Helsinki, Finland in October. During the competition teams will simulate real-life drone use cases for the first time using both 5G and satellite technology.

Companies and teams can register for 3 challenges:

  • Stara last mile logistics challenge, where they have to manage intelligent supply chains, and to complete an urgent drone delivery
  • GNSS landing and navigation game, where teams need to be able to land and navigate through obstacles as many within 5 minutes
  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight flight over 5G competition game, where teams will need to control the drone by using a video stream sent from the drone to the pilot and navigate thorugh obstacles.

The event will take place from the 21st and 22nd of October in 2021. The winning teams will receiver a EUR 10 000 cash prize.

To register to the event, visit: https://dronetournament.org/


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