DeltaQuad started testing its EVO eVTOL drone

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Badhoevedorp-based DeltaQuad said this week its fixed-wing Evo eVTOL drone has entered the public beta phase of testing involving a select number of clients and other UAV operators.

The company is part of Vertical Technologies, a developer of long-range enterprise craft for mapping, inspection, and surveillance applications. Improved aerodynamic efficiencies from Evo’s design, says DeltaQuada, provide enhanced flight performance enabling up to 4.5 hours of operation on a single charge.

Responding to input from customers on their evolving needs from drone operation, DeltaQuad said it returned to the drawing board to rethink the conception of its next trademark delta craft – coming up with the B2-eque Evo eVTOL in the process.

About two years ago, we noticed requirements for eVTOL drones were changing. We saw a rapidly growing demand for increased flight times and flexible payload options, with a lower total cost of ownership.

Douwe Zeeman, DeltaQuad CEO

In building Evo’s airframe, DeltaQuad uses robust fibreglass, carbon, and Kevlar materials, which – along with the eVTOL’s delta shape – increase aerodynamic efficiency and improve wind resistance. The resulting enhanced performance, the company says, permits 4.5 hours of operation with only one payload bay used, and three hours when both are loaded.


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