Cloudless: drone successfully performed its flight at nearly 25 000 meters above sea-level

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The Cloudless startup, founded by two Polish engineers, performed another successful flight of the ULEP-1 [Ultra Long Endurance Platform] unmanned aerial vehicle from an altitude of 24,784 meters.

During the 2.5 hour flight, tests and research were carried out. The drone has landed precisely in the designated place.The plane was completely designed and made in Poland by the Cloudless team and is an innovative stratospheric research platform on a global scale. It has been approved for flights according to the latest regulations of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

In addition to research applications (environmental protection, meteorology, space engineering), Cloudless engineers use it to work on a pseudo-satellite, i.e. an aircraft that will be able to stay above the Earth’s troposphere for a long time. Pseudo-satellites will fill the gap between aircraft and space satellites.

Unmanned aerial vehicles powered by solar energy will be able to stay in the stratosphere continuously for weeks and months, and ultimately even a whole year. Drones of this type are many times cheaper to produce and use than satellites, and they enable, among others, Earth observations with greater accuracy in real time.

Pseudo-satellite projects have been and are developed worldwide by subsidiaries of such giants as Airbus, Facebook, Google, BAE Systems and HAPSmobile.



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