Citymesh private 5G network brings drones to Brussels Airport

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Citymesh has announced this week the successful trials of drones at Brussels Airport for inspection and surveillance, while connected to the airfield’s private 5G network, reports

Dubbed the ‘safety drone’, the remotely operated device has taken part in numerous tests at the airport, including conducting security inspections of the grounds, closer surveillance of an individual aeroplane during a theoretical emergency, and even monitoring wildlife populations near the runways. The trials also included a detection system that aims to flag any unauthorised “rogue drones” that may be in the area. By being connected to the 5G network, built with Nokia technology, these crafts can be flown remotely and travel Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

Brussels Airport is not the first to begin trialling drones for various tasks. Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, for example, announced similar tests last summer and such partnerships between the telecoms and aviation sectors are growing.



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