Matternet M2 drone receives first FAA-type certification for non-military drone

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Matternet M2 Becomes First Non-Military Drone in the US to Achieve FAA Type Certification.

The completion of the FAA’s thorough evaluation process showcases the M2’s safety and reliability, a milestone for scaling US commercial drone operations. The M2 drone can carry payloads of up to 2 kilograms over distances of 20 kilometres.

Alongside a select number of UAS, the Matternet M2 has been operating under the FAA’s Part 135 – a framework for revenue on-demand air carrier operations – for the past four years, relying on an exemption during the systems’ evaluation. The introduction of a Type Certification will streamline the implementation of new networks and the acquisition of approvals.

We are incredibly proud that Matternet M2 has met the very rigorous safety standards of the FAA and is the first drone delivery system to be Type Certified in the United States.

Andreas Raptopoulos, CEO of Matternet

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