Leading UK drone organisations create a forum for advanced BVLOS flights

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A group of aviation and drone sector companies in the UK will work together to increase use cases and frequency of beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights across the nation, and propose policies to regulators permitting wider deployment of those missions.

The members of the BVLOS Operations Forum include ARPAS UK, Blue Bear, Callen Lenz, Flylogix, Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Network Rail, Skyports, and Windracers, all of which are involved in developing beyond visual line of sight drone flights – some as commercial operators. 

The BVLOS Operations Forum has given those seeking to operate uncrewed aircraft beyond visual line of sight a platform to work together, and a means for driving change and establishing a safe and workable regulatory regime that will benefit the industry as a whole.

Russell Porter, head of NATS’s UAV air traffic program and chair of the Forum

Members of the collective will also propose policy changes to regulators aiming to unleash what they call the enormous economic potentials that remote drone operations could afford the UK. Their goal is to obtain the same sort of collective influence that traditional aviation companies wielded as air transport spread in past decades.

This method of working together has been used by traditional airspace operators for many years and has contributed to the robust safety culture that exists today. By uniting uncrewed operators with extensive experience and equally extensive ambition we can develop a similarly robust safety culture, and collectively plot a course toward safely integrated BVLOS operations.

Russell Porter, head of NATS’s UAV air traffic program and chair of the Forum

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