India eases drone rules to become ‘global drone hub’ by 2030

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Up until now, India used to have very strict drone regulations. Yesterday, the Indian government has announced the release of the revised, new drone regulations.

The new rules make processes easier and reduce drone fees. The number of forms has been reduced from 25 to 5 and the types of fees were also reduced. Besides, the fee of remote pilot licenses for large drones has been reduced from INR 3000 to INR 100 for all categories of drones. Making processes easier and reducing fees can make drone operations more appealing for drone operators.

The government also removed the remote pilot license requirement for nano drones, to encourage hobbyists. Moreover, foreign ownership restrictions in Indian drone companies were also removed, to encourage foreign firms and the development of the industry.

With the new rules, the Indian government aims to encourage research and development in the drone sector and encourage drone operations. By supporting the drone industry, India aims to become a ‘global drone hub’ by 2030.

The policy is available here:


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