FAA awards 27-mile BVLOS waiver to Soaring Eagle

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The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) has granted a 27-mile BVLOS waiver to the commercial drone inspection company, Soaring Eagle.

This is the longest distance ever approved by the FAA for commercial infrastructure and transmission and distribution inspections. The waiver’s main purpose is to allow for the inspection of transmission power lines as detailed in the FAA’s Part 107.31/33 waiver. With the authorization granted by the waiver, the remote pilot-in-command (RPIC) will be able to gather a unique data set.

“Utilities, surveyors, engineers all benefit from the longer range approved by the FAA for critical inspections of transmission and distribution lines, bridges, buildings, and other infrastructure. This technology is a safer and cost-effective method to conduct routine preventative assessments to prevent outages and accidents and predict maintenance schedules. It is also a very valuable technology for post storm assessments. As if that weren’t enough of a reason to rely on the technology, it is also cleaner for the environment.”

said Will Paden, Soaring Eagle President

With the new waiver, the company will be able to conduct safer, more effective inspections for utilities and other critical infrastructure.


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