Project MediDrone will run UK’s first proof of concept trial for the delivery of medical supplies

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The UK’s first proof of concept trial will be hosted by Montrose Port this week. The participants of the MediDrone project -Neuron, HEROTECH8 and Flock- will collaborate during the trial and fly a drone from the quayside at Montrose and landing on a vessel offshore. The goal is to demonstrate how the safety and efficiency of ports can be improved using drones to reduce the number of trips to vessels by pilot boats, which can take hours to complete and are made dangerous by the crew having to climb a rope ladder from one vessel to another.

Project MediDrone aims to improve the delivery speed of critical medicine in the future. The project is currently focused on the development of a network of small drones following paths between medical facilities, acting as high-speed shuttles for small medical packages. If successful, this trial is one of the first steps for MediDrone to reach its goal, and could also see drones become a common sight at ports and over the sea.



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