New partnership aims to bring BVLOS medical drone deliveries to Kenya

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A new partnership was created between Skyports, Swoop Aero and Astral Aerial Solutions with the aim to develop beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) medical drone deliveries in Kenya.

Swoop Aero already has great experience carrying out medical drone deliveries across Africa. The partners have deep operational and regulatory expertise in Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, and obtained BVLOS approval in 12 different countries.

Now, the partners are testing medical deliveries in Kenya, and aim to launch their services next year.

“We’re proud to be expanding operations in Kenya in partnership with Astral Aerial Solutions and Skyports, in what will be a first for the region,” said Swoop Aero CEO Eric Peck. “Swoop Aero’s integrated drone logistics platform will enable bi-directional air logistics, launching rapid delivery of emergency and routine medicines, vaccines and pathology samples, creating emotional and economic impact to communities in the networks.”

“Having launched the UK’s first BVLOS drone delivery operations, we are very aware of the challenges and requirements of such projects,” said Alex Brown, head of Skyports’ UAV delivery operations. “We also know the massive benefit that drone deliveries can bring to rural communities.”


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