Medical drone deliveries arrive to Israel

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As part of a new experimental delivery project, the Israeli Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Transport used a drone to transport medical tests including blood and urine samples.

The drone carried 2 kg of payload which contained the medical samples of 30 volunteers. The drone completed its flight between Hillel Yaffe Medical Center and Sha’ar Menashe Mental Health Center in Israel, completing a route of 15.6 km.

The aim of the test flight was to figure out, whether the drone is suitable for medical sample delivery and that these samples do not become compromised during the drone flight. Hence, an equal number of samples from the same volunteers were transported through conventional motor vehicles as well. After examining the samples, the doctors determined that the samples showed similar results.

Laboratory samples are often transferred between medical centers, typically by automobile. This presents the risk of travel time delaying decisions on the right treatment for patients. When scaled for routine use, the delivery of samples via drone will help speed up the flow of critical information for both the patients and the medical teams.

– Dr. Maanit Shapira, director of the laboratory division at Hillel Yaffle Medical Center

The test flights have proved that drone delivery is not only faster than the traditional means of transportation but it does not influence the quality of samples negatively. This discovery can spark a rise in medical drone deliveries in Israel.


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