City of Hilliard, LIFT Aircraft, GhostWave Inc. and Parallax Advanced Research propose new, life-saving technology on Ohio’s first flying car

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The City of HilliardGhostWave, Inc.LIFT Aircraft, and Parallax Advanced Research are discussing the potential implementation of a new, life-saving advanced air mobility (AAM) technology on Ohio’s first flying car.

The AAM system was developed by Ghostwave Inc., a Hilliard-based startup, and funded by Parallax Advanced Research’s Ohio Federal Research Network program. The system monitors the locations of multiple drones and aircraft in the air and would use real-time sensor data integrated with telemetry onboard LIFT’s HEXA to achieve the intended goal. Lift’s HEXA would allow emergency responders, public safety groups and firefighters to arrive to on scene more quickly.

According to a memorandum of understanding between the organizations, they plan a live public safety demonstration on June 3, 2021.



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