Wingcopter announces world’s first triple drop delivery drone

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Wingcopter, the German developer, manufacturer and service provider, introduced the world’s first triple drop delivery drone, the Wingcopter 198.

The Wingcopter 198, like Wingcopter’s earlier model, uses the company’s patented tilt-rotor technology. Wingcopter drones offer vertical take off and landing (VTOL) with a smooth transition into forward flight. It’s an efficient technology that contributes to performance and flight endurance. Wingcopter’s triple drop delivery drone can carry a payload of 6 kilograms over 75 kilometers on a single battery charge, or up to 110 kilometers with a lighter payload – even in bad weather conditions. The aircraft’s maximum speed of 150 km/h enables on-express deliveries.

Besides the high perfomance features of the Wingcopter 198, it is also very efficient as it can deliver up to 3 packages to multiple destinations per flight. This could be a game-changer, especially for supply chain providers.

Moreover, the Wingcopter 198 software and interface are designed to make the user’s workflow as simple and efficient as possible.

This unique combination of software, hardware and operability makes the Wingcopter 198 the ideal platform for drone-based delivery of a broad selection of goods, from medical supplies to consumer goods, spare parts and tools, as well as groceries or freshly prepared food.



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