UPS looks to purchase “up to 150 eVTOL aircraft or more” from Beta Technologies

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UPS, announced this week plans to purchase up to 150 eVTOL aircraft from Vermont-based start-up, Beta Technologies, reports Beta’s Alia-250C is the shipping giant’s choice. This eVTOL can carry 1,400 pounds of payload and travel up to 250 miles emission-free at a speed of 170 mph.

Initially, UPS is buying 10 Beta aircraft with delivery expected by 2024 along with a charging station that re-powers the craft in one hour. There is an option to eventually purchase 150 or more eVTOLs. UPS has committed to reducing its total emissions by 25 percent within 4 years. Aircraft are the worst emitters in the transportation world, so converting them to electric will have a big impact.



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