UK Government backs programme to build Air Architecture for air taxis and delivery drones

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Urban-Air Port®, a UK-based ground infrastructure developer for eVTOLS and drones, has announced a partnership today with Altitude Angel and Safeguard Vertiports to design safe, clean and connected “Air Architecture” for future eVTOL air mobility.

The created “air roads” will enable people and cargo to travel by manned and unmanned electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. This world-first infrastructure programme will be demonstrated in Coventry later this year.

The air roads will initially be separate from existing aircraft corridors, operating at a much lower altitude when unmanned. They will be created between strategic locations, away from buildings and roads. Once the safety and environmental benefits are demonstrated, the airspace will become increasingly unified and gradually expand to more locations to meet rising demand.

The UK government is supporting the programme, to provide improved zero-carbon transport connectivity across the UK and reap the benefits from exporting these technologies to support this rapidly advancing global sector.


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