SkyDrop will deliver Domino’s pizza in New Zealand with the help of drones

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In recent years, drone food deliveries have become increasingly popular. In Australia, Wing delivers various meals using drones, in Ecuador Aerialoop drones carry pizza, and residents of Ireland can enjoy Coca-Cola products thanks to Manna Aero.

Now, SkyDrop has completed its drone fleet which will be used to deliver Domino’s pizzas to the customers in New Zealand. Due to its large payload capacities, the drone can carry most of the menu items with ease including three extra-large pizzas.

The operating system used to deliver orders to customers from Domino‚Äôs outlets across New Zealand will consist of two SkyDrop drones, one ground infrastructure platform, and one autonomous control station. That setup, the companies say, will enable seamless and frictionless workflow at store locations, and scalable store-to-door drone delivery operations.

The two companies have not announced the start date of the delivery service yet, but aim to start the deliveries in the next few years.


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