Drones to deliver telehealth devices to households

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Researchers from the University of Cincinnati are turning to drones to deliver the required devices to make telehealth appointments possible. The group is looking for ways to allow families without smart devices or a decent internet connection to access telehealth.

The drones will have protective guards around the propellers and be able to travel through the patient’s house safely. They will have their own internet connection, a camera, and a screen to let the patient talk to the doctor and vice versa.

The drones will also be equipped with a payload bay that will allow medicines and other equipment to be delivered during the appointment, taking it further than current telehealth appointments currently allow for. This will allow for a range of self-treatments and exams to be done with direction from the doctor.

(Source: https://dronedj.com/2021/03/30/drones-to-deliver-telehealth-devices-to-households/)


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