Drone trials delivering blood between hospitals begin in China

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In Hangzhou, Capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, traffic congestion is a serious problem, so medical workers are seeking new ways to improve deliveries for medical emergencies between hospitals.

Last week, a startup based in Hangzhou, Antwork Technology, carried out the first blood delivery with drones between two hospitals. The company used the Antwork RA3 drone, which can carry a payload of up to 5 kg and has a range of 15 km, to complete the blood delivery operations. Compared to some drones, the RA3 has a more accurate navigation and higher wind resistance as well as being able to fly in both rain and snow. The craft’s container is able to maintain a constant temperature, thus ensuring the quality of blood samples. The craft lands on a specially designed landing station located outside the hospital that can easily fit inside a parking lot or small spaces.

The flight took less than five minutes compared to some road journeys by medical workers of 30 minutes.

(Source: https://www.urbanairmobilitynews.com/medical-pharmaceutical-transport/china-drone-trials-delivering-blood-between-hospitals-begin/)


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