A new study shows that 57% of Americans do not trust drone deliveries

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More and more drone delivery services are being implemented across the world. For example, Wing delivers groceries in Australia, Manna Aero delivers Coca-Cola and Samsung products in Ireland, DroneUp delivers the products of Walmart in the US and Zipline conducts medical deliveries across the African continent. While technological advancements are essential in the wider implementation of drone deliveries, these services cannot be successful without the approval and trust of the customers.

A survey conducted by Morning Consult has shown that around 57% of US citizens have little to no trust in drone delivery services. The sample size of the survey was 2210.

What do US citizens think of drone deliveries?

When asked, “How much do you trust drones to successfully deliver products to homes and businesses?” only 6% said “a lot” while 37% of those polled expressed “some” trust in the process. On the other hand, 40% of the respondents decided to answer “not much” and 17% said they did not trust drone delivery “at all.”

Those surveyed shared a variety of concerns about drone delivery. While 4 in 5 adults seemed convinced that drones cannot deliver items successfully, more than 3 in 5 said they were worried about their personal data being breached by delivery drones, including those deliveries made by Chinese-made aircraft. Two-thirds of respondents also said they were worried about air traffic safety due to drone usage.

The respondents were also asked what kind of products would they be interested in getting delivered by drones. While many adults showed interest in having small household items (47%) and hygiene and beauty products (46%) delivered by drone, far fewer expressed similar sentiments for having other products such as medicines (37%) or electronics (29%) delivered aerially.

The survey has shown that drone delivery is still a long way to earn the trust of US citizens.


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