Munich Airport has published a white paper on AAM at airports

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Munich Airport has published a whitepaper titled “Advanced Air Mobility at Airports”.

The whitepaper introduces how game-changing the use of advanced air mobility vehicles could be, comparing air taxis to the introduction of cars over a century ago. Currently, there are more than 150 companies competing in the emerging AAM market. Moreover, the development of air taxis has received 7.4 billion USD in funding.

The study claims that the AAM market could account for 5-12% of world GDP will by 2040, and has condensed to three major use cases: transporting passengers, transporting goods as well as military and state applications. For airport operators, the most relevant use case will be passenger transportation, which is expected to generate 50% of AAM passenger revenues from airport shuttle services.

The airport’s whitepaper strongly advocates for the integration of eVTOLs into airport’s ecosystem, as it could significantly benefit both the operators and the passengers.

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