Hepta Airborne releases a freemium version of uBird software

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Estonian drone company Hepta Airborne has announced a freemium version of its uBird platform to allow more people to benefit from it. The company has perfected the software for the last couple of years, working with clients to improve it.

The uBird software was originally developed as a tool for powerlines and utility inspections to detect defective assets better. Hepta recognised that the software could be used by a wider audience and added the ability to use the software for the infrastructure inspection industry as well.

The company recently tested its software when Hepta Airborne collaborated with the Estonian Railways to digitalise railway assets with the assistance of drones.

(Source: https://dronedj.com/2021/03/19/hepta-airborne-releases-a-freemium-version-of-ubrid/)


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