Entry service date of low/zero emission aircraft published

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GH Aviation Consulting has refreshed the list of upcoming aircraft projects the company is following and published the graph in a Linkedin article. “We have put them on the graph below with their Entry Into Service dates, their max passenger ranges, their seating capacities, their technologies (Full electric/hybrid-fuel/hybrid-H2),” said the company.

The company has defined three distinct sectors:

  • Fully electric aircraft for small capacity and short range
  • Fuel-electric hybrids for small capacity and longer range
  • H2-electric hybrids are able to accommodate higher-power electric engines, with higher seat capacity but medium range.

“The challenge will be about getting the EASA/FAA certifications and of course achieving the right economics for the operators, but this is great to see such a variety of projects, some of them having even completed their first prototype flights.”

For more information visit: https://www.gh-aviation-consulting.com/


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