Censys UAV Receives BVLOS Approval

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Drone data collection and analysis firm Toa Custodian has been awarded BVLOS approval from the Nigeran Civil Aviation Authority for operations utilising a Censys Technologies Sentaero v2BVLOS UAV.

The Sentaero v2BVLOS platform is designed specifically for over-the-horizon and BVLOS operations and can be equipped with a wide range of imaging payloads and gimbals. With VTOL functionality, it can be operated from a minimal footprint and can cover distances of up to 55 miles in a single flight.

The BVLOS waiver will allow Toa Custodian to conduct a range of operations Nigerian airspace, including asset integrity management, oil and gas facility inspection and monitoring, flare boom inspection, pipeline inspection, field surveying, and aerial imaging.

(Source: https://www.unmannedsystemstechnology.com/2021/03/censys-uav-earns-bvlos-approval-from-nigeran-civil-aviation-authority/)


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