Brussels will host the EU Drone Days to introduce UAV activities and UTM systems

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Brussels will host the EU Drone Days, an event held November 29-30 to inform interested business, governmental, and public parties about the European Commission’s Drone Strategy 2.0 for introducing UAV activity as an integrated part of daily life and work.

The Directorate General will host the two days of presentations during EU Drone Days for Mobility and Transport and the Single European Sky ATM Research Joint Undertaking (SESAR 3) ­– the European public-private partnership aiming to accelerate UAV activity through research and innovation.

Discussions will evaluate the progress of the European drone sector’s preparations to launch an effective and safe U-space across the 27-nation bloc. Participants will also be able to visit an exhibition featuring new technologies and applications of urban air mobility and SESAR 2020 U-space projects.

EU Drone Days begin on the afternoon of November 29 with the official launch of the European Drone Strategy 2.0 project, which is designed to encourage and support the spread of UAV technology and use cases while also attaining safety, security, and social acceptance objectives. 

Policy experts will participate in discussions examining the various aspects of European Drone Strategy 2.0, including innovative air mobility and aerial services, and their strengthening of civil, security, and defence capabilities. European commissioner for transport Adina Vălean, and director-general for mobility and transport Henrik Hololei will offer their insights during the exchanges.

In addition to informing business, government, and private participants on the advances of broadening aerial activities across European skies, EU Drone Days provides a reflection of how intent the bloc’s leadership is in launching and harnessing safe UAV activity as a future motor of economic growth. 

Both national and trans-European regulators have been active in preparing rules and technological platforms to prepare for drone delivery and other commercial services, as well as passenger transport in air taxis and other urban air mobility use cases.



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