A new report from DRONEII shows how drones are used on different jobsites

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DRONEII’s new drone application report shows how drones are used in different industries. The report lists 237 different commercial drone applications.

The report found that drones are extensively used for mapping and surveying. For example, in the energy sector, 83% of the time drones are used to carry out inspections that could be life-threatening to a human or would cost companies millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Drones are also often used for inspection operations. For instance, in the construction industry drones are mostly (80%) used for mapping and surveying. This enhances worker safety, provides digital data that was not available before and makes project management more efficient.

The data indicates change- the once absolutely dominant “Photography and Filming” now is the central application for only a handful of industries and the number of commercial drone application expands.


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