Drone soccer tournaments will start in July in the US

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The first drone soccer tournament in North America will take place in in Colorado Springs in July.

What is drone soccer?

Drone soccer was created in South Korea in 2016.

Played indoor or outdoor in a predetermined “flying zone” measuring up to 20m x 10m, drone soccer matches take place consist of three sets lasting three minutes each.

The drones in play, which are operated by drone pilots standing at either end of the pitch, are encased in protective orbs lit up using colourful LED lights – enabling both players and spectators to easily identify members of the different teams.

The “striker” (one player each team) can score by flying the drone through the circular goal post. The remaining players must help their striker or prevent the opponent’s “striker” scoring by protecting their goal.

The main aim of drone soccer at the moment is to make students interested in drone technology.

A visual representation of the sport:


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