Could drones replace fireworks?

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Swarm drones are used more and more often to create spectacular light shows, including creating a scannable QR code on the sky. With the rising popularity of light shows, swarm drones could potentially replace fireworks in a few years.

Drone light shows might be more entertaining

Drones are capable of creating more complex forms and shapes than fireworks and can be more entertaining. The use of swarm drones enables the creation of more advanced light shows and makes advertising easier for companies. For instance, the above mentioned scannable QR code helped the promotion of a Japanese video game in China.

The drone light show of the video game:

Drones are more environmentally friendly

The use of drones does not only enhance entertainment, but it is more environmentally friendly than fireworks. Fireworks cause noise that can disturb pets and wild animals putting their lives in danger. Besides, fireworks produce chemical pollution in the air, water and land and litter the landscape with plastic casings. Further, the private use of fireworks is accompanied by the ever-present danger of permanently damaging one’s hearing and losing body parts.

Drones, on the other hand, are reusable and do not produce chemical and noise pollution. Moreover, they are safe and easy to deploy, so serious injuries can be avoided.


Currently, drone light shows are mainly popular in China and there are just a few dozen companies in the world that create drone light shows.

However, there is a rise in demand for drone light shows as they can be more entertaining and environmentally friendly than fireworks. In a few years, swarm drones could replace fireworks, making the entertainment industry more innovative and eco-friendly.


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