South Korea to spend USD37.6 million on “drone cops”

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South Korea’s Science and Technology Ministry announced this week, the country is to spend around USD37.6 million on installing “Drone Cops” in places like airports and nuclear power plants to bust any rogue drones flying in such areas. This may also have implications for defence against neighbouring North Korea.

Last September, drones flying near South Korea’s Incheon International Airport forced five airplanes to conduct an emergency landing at another nearby airport in Gimpo. In total, there have been 185 cases of similar aviation law violations between 2016 to July 2020, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport data.

North Korea has also sent unmanned aircraft to South Korean territory, with the first known incident occurring in 2014. South Korean authorities even fired machine gun warning shots after spotting a drone crossing the border two years later, in 2016.

These drone cops will collectively monitor areas where unmanned craft flights are banned and take down any rogue craft by first identifying the target’s vulnerabilities and then jamming or hacking into its system. The drone cops can achieve this with help from land-based radars and scanners, and if that fails, they can crash into the targets or cast nets in order to capture them.



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