More than 2000 illegal drone flights are registered monthly in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam police have announced that more than 2000 illegal drone flights are registered monthly. Since Amsterdam is located in the CTR of Schiphol Airport the entire city is a no-fly zone for drones.

Peter Holla, deputy police chief and head of operations at the Amsterdam police said that the majority of these flights are executed by toys, but some drones have other intentions. To counter rogue drones and to use drones for police operations, Amsterdam police have established its own dedicated drone team to look into the application of drones.

Peter Holla has explained that the Amsterdam police hopes to use drones at crime scene investigations, traffic accidents and demonstrations.

Gerald Poppinga, R&D manager at Royal NLR has explained that National Counter Drone Program has several solutions which keep drones out of the air. However, every solution has a counter-solution.

According to Gerald Poppinga “A drone can be a very useful piece of equipment and I also see wonderful applications, but a small percentage also carries all kinds of dangers and we have to be able to recognize those dangers and counteract them, so that we only use drones in a safe way.” 

Although Peter Holla monitors all drone flights over the city, it is impossible to actually ban all 2000 illegal drones. “We are therefore very interested in techniques that allow us to determine which drones pose a potential danger in order to tackle them in a targeted manner.


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