Martin UAV develops a UAS prototype for the U.S. Navy

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Following the Navy’s Mi2 Challenge, the U.S. Navy has selected Martin UAV’s V-BAT as the basis for a prototype UAS (unmanned aerial vehicle).

The V-BAT was selected as it requires minimal logistic support and has great versatility. The system offers vertical takeoff with a single-engine ducted fan, and it automatically transitions to straight and level flight. Besides, the UAS has an open architecture and can carry interchangeable payloads.

Martin UAV’s V-BAT

Heath Niemi, Martin UAV’s Chief Development Officer and retired U.S. Army colonel, commented: “Martin UAV’s V-BAT was designed to address the needs of the warfighter in an ever-changing landscape and is now an integral part of reshaping mission requirements and capability offerings to better equip the Navy in future operations.”



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