Indoor Robotics has received $15 million to develop its indoor security drone

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The Israeli company, Indoor Robotics has received $15 million in a Series A-funding for the development and production of its indoor security drone, Tando. Tando is already used in warehouses, data centres, malls, and retail establishments.

Tando uses multiple sensors and proprietary algorithms to map and navigate in any indoor space. The drone can autonomously navigate above or around any items in its path, which allows it to secure and monitor large areas. When it’s not in flight, the drone docks on a charging and monitoring station mounted on the ceiling and functions as a security camera.

“Tando has already been deployed by the world’s leading enterprises and security monitoring companies and is making a tangible impact on safety and security.” said Doron Ben David, the cofounder and CEO of Indoor Robotics.

Besides its security application, the drone can be used for thermal imaging and assist in maintenance work. The received fund will help to further develop the capabilities of the drone and support its production.


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