Elistair Tethered Drone Manufacturer Expands Internationally

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Elistair has successfully raised €5M of funding in order to help accelerate the company’s international expansion. The French manufacturer of tethered drone systems conducts more than 40% of its business in the United States, and after opening a subsidiary in Boston, the company will be increasing its production capacity in order to assert its foothold in the American market while reinforcing its presence in Europe.

Since its creation in 2014, Elistair’s solutions have already been deployed by military forces and national security agencies in over 65 countries. The company’s product ranges include the Orion 2 automated tethered drone, and tether stations that transform free-flying drones into persistent platforms.

The company is also launching a campaign to recruit around 20 new personnel for its Lyon and Boston sites. The goal is to retain its initial approach – a combination of technological innovation and knowledge of conditions in the field – thanks to a multidisciplinary R&D team and former defence operatives (from the Royal Air Force, Navy SEALs and the French Navy).

(Source: https://www.unmannedsystemstechnology.com/2021/04/tethered-drone-manufacturer-expands-internationally/)


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