XAG aims to create autonomous farms with drones in Ukraine

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Ukraine is currently one of the largest grain exporters of the world.

Since hitting the Ukraine market at the end of 2020, XAG Agricultural Drones have been rapidly scaling up to help Ukrainian farmers reap better harvest and reduce chemical usage. Since Ukraine’s regulations over fertiliser spraying drones are not as strict as in the European Union, Ukraine became one of the favourable markets in the region for XAG agricultural drones.

XAG has collaborated with DroneUA, one of the top 20 innovative companies in Ukraine, to distribute its agricultural drones and robots that can sow seeds, spray crops, and spread fertilisers.

According to International Trade Administration, the operational need for agricultural machinery and equipment of Ukraine is estimated at $20 billion by 2025.

Under the support of DroneUA, XAG drones become the first agricultural drone that can be leased with full insurance coverage in Ukraine.


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