Australia uses XAG drones to fight invasive weeds

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This March, XAG Australia has established partnership on an African Lovegrass (ALG) control program with the Australian registered charity Upper Snowy Landcare. A fleet of XAG Agricultural Drones was deployed to provide an innovative solution for spraying the weeds with better precision and seeding the ALG-infested pasture in inaccessible areas.

In Australia, weed is the most economically destructive type of invasive species. In addition to causing biodiversity loss, the invasive weeds pose a major risk to food security. According to Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, the annual cost of weeds incurred by the agricultural industry is estimated at $4 billion.

With the enforcement of the Australian Weeds Strategy 2017-2027, it has become a strategic priority to seek innovative solutions to reduce the detrimental impacts of weeds. Using drones could be a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable method of weed control to reduce the negative impacts of yield loss and land degradation.



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